Our vision

What makes j3Cryo so outstanding

What makes J3Cryo so special?

Our Vision

Since 2017 j3cryo has been funded by engineers and biotechnologists. We appreciate the benefits cryotherapy brings. Our vision delivers optimally engineered treatment solutions, with measurable benefits. Following years of development, a breakthrough was achieved - and we have succeeded!

j3cryo hassignificant functional and cost advantages over currently WBC systems. Electric cooling was complex, heavy, inefficient. LN2cooling is unwieldy, dangerous, and difficult to locate. J3 technology makes old style WBC look so 20th century. Technology which is IOT enabled and smart may be operated via app, is energy-efficient and low-maintenance.

Our technology has numerous patents.


j3cryo is a technology company which develops and manufactures unique, patented ultra-low-temperature cooling systems. The cooling unit developed for cryotherapy has excellent properties helping us revolutionise the cryotherapy market.